A picture says more than a 1000 words

People sometimes say “A picture says more than 1000 words” and in some cases that is certainly true. Especially when you try to explain where exactly a particular problem comes from or which area you have treated.

There are many examples per field where it can be useful to quickly add a picture to a report and indicate certain points. Consider the animal physiotherapist, equine dentist, saddle fitter, farrier or acupuncture treatment for a dog or cat.

Over the years, many of these specialists have collected all kinds of templates and images to include in their reports, but processing them is sometimes difficult and time-consuming. For this reason we have developed Vetocare Drawings.

With Drawings you can convert any photo or image into a Drawing and add a note in exactly the right place with a single click or tab. This can sometimes be useful to indicate an exact location on a photo of the patient in question. In this case there are 2 paths you can take.

  1. Add a separate drawing to the patient file
  2. Add a drawing to a report of a consultation or treatment


Add a separate drawing to the patient file

To add a separate drawing to the patient file, open the file of the animal in question. Then go to the Files heading. All attachments of the animal can be found under files. If there is already an existing image or photo here, you can immediately add notes to it by converting it into a drawing. You do this by clicking on the photo and choosing New drawing.

New drawing from image

Add a drawing to a report of a consultation or treatment

The most common use for the drawings is to add a drawing to a record or report. To do this, create a new report or open an existing report. The New drawing button can be found at the bottom of the report. This works the same as the drawing in the file, only it is directly linked to the report. When forwarding or printing the report, the drawing is immediately included in the report and the notes are automatically added to the report, neatly numbered.

Add a drawing to a report

When adding a drawing to a report, you can immediately upload a new image or you can use an image from the file of the animal in question. The third option is to use practice files. In the practice files you can save images that you want to reuse more often as drawings. This could include an anatomical drawing, an image of the teeth or a saddle fitting template. This means you can always use drawings immediately and adapt them to your way of working and the type of patients you treat.

The Drawings feature is included with all Vetocare plans, so you can get started right away.

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