Relationship management

Help your clients quickly and effectively. Search directly by customer name, zip code or city and you will find the right file.

Contact details, animals, appointments and linked contacts can be found in a few clicks.

With Vetocare you no longer need to search your phone and e-mails for the right data.


Each animal has its own file

Create a well-arranged file for each animal.

Each file is provided with a cover page with basic data and a clear treatment history.

Create a treatment history for each animal using the self-adaptable protocols.

All appointments in one overview

With the online agenda you have all appointments and history in one place.

Link your appointment to your clients and simply add the animals that matter. All appointments can be found directly in the client files, useful for the administration afterwards.

Automatically synchronize the calendar with existing calendar software, such as Apple Calendar or your Outlook Calendar.


Reminders and calls

Provide a bit of extra service by simply sending personal reminders.

Clients will never miss an appointment, check or vaccination again. Plan and send automatic reminders to clients, directly through the agenda or as a call far in advance.

Reports and templates

Create your own templates and keep working the way you are used to!

Many specialists already have their own forms for example an intake, examination or treatment. With Vetocare you can use these forms to create your own templates.

Templates ready? Then simply choose the desired template for your next treatment and complete the form. All reports are automatically saved in your patient's file.


Send beautiful invoices

Send professional invoices in a few clicks. You no longer have to work with a spreadsheet or word processor to send an invoice.

All invoice rules are automatically added correctly and the correct VAT rules are applied automatically.

And if payment is too late, you will see this immediately and a reminder will be sent.

Products and inventory management

Manage your products or services and easily add them to your invoices. Products are automatically debited when sending an invoice.

Through the mutation history keeping track of the stock will become a simple job. Set a minimum stock and immediately see what the stock level is.


Transfer service

Already got an existing administration? No problem, we can help you enter your existing data.

With our transfer service we help importing existing data from another product or from Excel.

Contact us to see if we can help you transfer.

Want to try Vetocare yourself?