The birth of Vetocare

As some of you already know, Vetocare is Stalmanager's sister. Don't know your Stalmanager yet? Take a quick look at (of course only after you're done here)


When we had developed Stalmanager, we were often asked by various (animal)care providers whether it could also manage horses and other animals from customers. Because stalmanager was actually intended for horse owners, boarding barns and stables, we decided to develop Vetocare based on all knowledge from Stalmanager.

The team, together with a number of specialists, set to work to set up a user-friendly animal administration for animals. In addition, we had set ourselves the goal that it should be adaptable to different disciplines. Both a veterinarian, animal physiotherapist or nutritionist must be able to do his or her administration with it. In addition, it was important for us to be able to provide start-ups and small animal businesses, so it had to be accessible and affordable.

And that's how Vetocare was born! With Vetocare you can manage all your clients' animals and you can create a comprehensive treatment history. You can also add animal species and protocols yourself. So it doesn't matter if you are an exercise therapist for dogs or want to start a parrot shelter, Vetocare can do it all. Even if you are just starting out with your practice, you can get started right away with Vetocare and immediately send your first invoice. And all for a fair price, that is really nice.

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